Methodology... Intuition... Judgment....

SWA utilizes an established, lean process for executive search assignments while demonstrating agility to maximize the successful completion of the search:

  • Define Client expectations in clear terms:
    • Key business imperatives, potential constraints/limitations, and sense of urgency on the assignment.
  • Measure all aspects of the assignment to understand critical Client requirements:
    • Fully understand Client’s organizational style/culture, and interpersonal characteristics and personality traits needed to succeed,
    • Position performance details as well as technical skills to deliver exceptional results,
    • Identify individual and organizational benchmarks to size-up "fit" factors for the Client company
  • Explore potential candidate pools from a mutually developed list of benchmark/target companies.  SWA conducts original research on every search assignment.
    • A value-driver of our search process is our reach—our creativity to find candidates where others can't or haven't thought to look plus our ability to attract the very best senior level talent.
  • Develop candidates and review benchmark candidate within thirty days of commencement of assignment.
  • Implement defined protocols through final stages of candidate selection and negotiations including:
    • SWA interviews finalist candidates in-person
    • Preliminary candidate reference check after initial Client interview and indication of Client interest (additional reference checks as process continues);
    • Assistance in the final negotiations to ensure that the candidate is successfully hired, if the client wishes; and,
    • Post-hire follow-up during first year with client and candidate to monitor outcomes (additional ad hoc services available including new leader assimilation and team effectiveness assistance).

At Staub, Warmbold & Associates, we believe a true Business Partnership includes active communication with our clients throughout the search process.  This ensures clients get the level of detail they desire and to discuss directional choices in real time.

SWA utilizes methods and techniques, honed over many years, to assess senior leadership competencies including Strategic Visioning, People and Organization, and Results Execution.  Video conferencing is acceptable first step - to make an acquaintance - however, SWA believes the nuances of style and "fit" are best assessed during an extensive interview that includes meeting face-to-face.  This is a standard approach in the SWA process.